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Hair Elastics (1000 pcs)

$2.97 USD

SKU: 30738-no2
  • Our biggest quantity of elastics so you never run out
  • 10 color combinations with just enough to pick and choose
  • Only available in our online store

Hold your little girl's hair in place with style

Are you tired of your kid's hair going all over the place? We wouldn't want their hair to can get in the way of what their doing, get all dirty, or get caught in things.

Also, most hairbands can get lost and need to be replaced often. 

Luckily, we packed our sac with 1000 elastics so that your never have to worry about losing an elastic, nor in how much trouble your kids are getting into.

Chose your favorite color combination (or ask your child!) and click "add to cart" to complete your purchase.