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Scrunchies (30 pcs)

$8.00 USD $3.97 USD

SKU: 1119093-random-color
  • These bands are great for quick and easy ponytails
  • So many colors to choose from to customize with style
  • Each order comes with 30 pieces so you never run out
  • Made with naturally-sourced rayon fibers

Keep hair sorted out with multicolored Scrunchies

Aren't you tired of your hair going all over the place? It can get in the way of the things you like doing the most. That's why Scrunchies were invested. Easily make ponytails and teach your daughter how to as well.

We wanted you to have enough for the whole family and never run out, so we made this multicolored set with 30 Scrunchies in each pack for a ridiculously low price.

Get your 30-pack of quality no-break Scrunchies now by clicking on "add to cart" to complete your purchase.